From the recording Beloved

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This was written on my eldest Son's for day of school. I think I cried more than him. As I left him at the gate I wanted him to know that I would be there waiting for him when he got home....always...not mater what happens in life, I (we) will always be there!!


I settled into the day
Wiped my tears away….ooooo
You hung your bag on the hook
No turning back
No second look….ooooo
I hung awkwardly at the fence
You ran around with all your friends
I think it’s hardest of all for me
Go spread your wings so young and free.

Cause I’ll be waiting for you
The sun is shining for you …oooo

The world it takes you bit at a time
You become yourself no longer mine
Your maker made you good and strong
To sing his life long song
And to your heart always stay true
He will provide all things good
Embrace these moments like a child
Arms flung open, eyes big and wide


I find it strange to let you go
Though you reside just down the road
I deeply want for you the best
You put these heart strings to the test