1. Beloved

From the recording Beloved

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The title track from the EP ‘Beloved’ is about the need to give rather than get.
“I thought ‘what if this was turned on its head and songs were written that encouraged people to prioritise giving rather then getting. Imagine what would change in relationships and society as a whole’. I even tried it in my own relationship and the difference was amazing,” said Harder.


I am my beloved’s and my beloved is mine
Seeded in these truths we will stand the test of time

In giving to you I gain
In falling I am found and hope to remain
If I do not give, I have nothing to loose
But I have not ever really loved


Jumping at the same time
Oh I’m jumping now
We will mutually abandon, abandon this ground

Ohhh If you catch me I will catch you
Oh I’m jumping now
To mutually abandon, abandon this ground

Cause people are worth dying for
So I’ll die to me and you die to you
And what we have left is us
And what we have left is us
Ohhhhh and what we have left is love