1. Countrymen

From the recording Beloved

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Written after listening to Warren H Williams talk about the meaning of the word Countrymen on ABC radio one day. I love that word....how it included everyone...male, female, black, white, living on country. So I ran with it...


Men from country riding through
The sun is setting
Another day is won
The dust it stirs as they pass by
As does my heart
I hold back a cry

My father was one of these men
He rode with pride
Friends by his side
Happiest when he’s mounted
Saddle and spur

My heart longs to be home again x2


Women from country passing through
Their skin is tough
Hips are bruised

As the carry the young
With heartfelt pride
Another generation by her side
Happiest close to family
Sit and nurture


Oh to escape this city
It’s troubled pace way to busy
To see the stars
Gaze wonder at the moon
And maybe I will find you there
Mother Father we can share
Those stories lost, retold
And gained again

Chorus - ending