1. Come and Go

From the recording Far To Go Yet

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Well it comes and it goes
And no one really knows
Cause when it comes and it goes
I don’t even know

Like a wave it hits me
Then it ebbs away
There’s no prediction in my day to day
I’m meant to be holding you so close to me
I can ask the question why this was meant to be
Will I only get an answer when I reach the heavenly?
So for now I won’t ask it all

People come and they go
They don’t really know
Cause when they come and they go
They still don’t know

With advice they hit me
Trying to calm my way
It’s time to move on, they want to say
I just need to ride this be normal with me
Shiny happy faces I don’t always want to see
Shoulders, tissues and silence is often what I need
I wish they made a place for people like me.