1. Jesse
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Giggles and goo gahs in bed
I sit here and listen to all you have said
Your own little language
What goes through your head
At the end of the day

Your own little you
A mystery to me
But you start shinning through
One day you’ll be
Your own little man
Don’t stop thinking of me – your mummy

I pray you grow up so bold
That you never get old
Though tossed by the sea
You’re still anchored to me
You’ll find your own way
And you’ll learn to be brave
Oh Jesse
Learn to live free

Shin digs and who ha’s in bed
And all kinds of bullshit, I’m sure you’ll be fed
Navigate your way
To the one who can save you
From all things, heart and head

Bright eyed and bushy you’ll love
And if there’s one ounce of truth
I hope you’ll hold it above
All else in this song
Let it move you and shake you and show you the way
My boy have faith